Lab water Products From Sartorius

A wide range of laboratory applications rely on access to pure and ultra-pure water to support reliable and reproducible results — which is why effective lab water products are a necessity in so many modern experimentation, research and product development environments.

As one of the foremost international providers of laboratory equipment, Sartorius is a provider of laboratory water products to some of the biggest names in the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and food industries, as well as supplying public research and educational institutions.

Sartorius’s impressive range of arium water products includes:

Stand-alone lab water pre-treatment systems including both the arium 615DI series of water de-ionisation cartridges, and arium 615S water softening systems, allowing easy production of softened and highly de-ionised water, free from calcium and magnesium, directly from tap water.

The arium pro Type I ultra-pure water systems allow laboratories to produce reagent grade ultra-pure water that can be used in a wide range of applications, including chromatography and cell culture growth. A straightforward but powerfully effective product, arium pro Type I systems can be provided in wall-mounted, benchtop and built-in models.

Arium Type II water systems are designed for the production of ASTM type II pure water which is suitable for a variety of common laboratory applications. Guaranteeing consistent and reliable water quality, the Type II system employs softening, electronic / chemical desalting and reverse osmosis (RO).

Sartorius’s Type III pure water systems are ideal for the production of large volumes of RO water for general day-to-day lab applications. Perfectly suited to applications and processes that require high volumes of water.

In addition to these key systems, Sartorius offers a variety of pure water system accessories and consumables, meaning your laboratory has easy access to the quality water it needs for every application, no matter how demanding.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:09:38