Lab Sterilizer Plays It Cool

It is always nice to come across a piece of laboratory equipment that strikes as genuinely novel and also fulfils a real need. The CoolCLAVE personal sterilizer from amsbio is such an instrument. It is the compact bench top answer to many research laboratory’s sterilization requirements.

Quick and efficient, eradicating most surface-located contaminants and pathogens, this is not intended to replace the autoclave, required for most medical and surgical tasks. Instead this is a safe-to-use, reliable, low cost way to clean laboratory tools like pipettes, gloves, forceps, plates and even parafilm without heat, UV, liquids or corrosive chemicals.

CoolCLAVE’s unique approach to utilise the effective sterilising power of ozone. This very strong oxidant is fast acting, with a short ‘shelf life’ after generation in the CoolCLAVE. The CoolCLAVE produces and heats the gas to defined levels and being a gas it can penetrate into even very small crevices and cavities, unlike ethanol and UV. The sterilizer then removes the gas by passing it through a number of internal filters where it is safely converted to oxygen.

Ozone is antibacterial, antifungal and anitviral, killing around 98% of germs in an eight-minute CoolCLAVE cycle, as well as deodorising. Obviously this is not of the standard required for surgical use say, but it addresses a different problem – helping ensure a high general standard of laboratory cleanliness; a requirement for any good research or analytical facility. It will even clean your spectacles! Plus it’s safe, with ozone leakage levels well below permissible exposure limits.

It is also to be hoped that the CoolCLAVE might extend the lifetime of the many ‘disposable’ lab items that have a single use status that seems rather unnecessary. This could mean a great saving in terms of cost and materials, well worth the purchase of a CoolCLAVE by itself.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:08:27