Lab Microscope - Eclipse E200 From Nikon

The Nikon Eclipse E200 is the first lab microscope designed for routine laboratory applications and the educational market.  Featuring advanced Nikon CF160 optics, the Eclipse is one of the highest quality biological microscopes of its type available, offering incredibly clear images at every magnification level.  Like all Nikon laboratory microscopes, the Eclipse E200 is easy to use and is compatible with a wide range of accessories, including many made for the higher end models of the Eclipse series.

Nikon’s attention to ergonomic design ensures a comfortable, easy to use instrument which incorporates the advancements made in the rest of the Nikon laboratory and research Eclipse lab microscope range. The stage handle and focus knob are positioned for easy one hand operation while the user remains in a natural position resting comfortably.  Specimen slides are easy and comfortable to change thanks to the Eclipse E200’s low profile stage and the eyepiece provides a low inclination angle for optimal viewing comfort.

Features of the Nikon Eclipse E200 lab microscope include:

  • CF160 infinity optics for amazingly clear, high quality images at any magnification; longer working distances and higher NA’s.
  • Optional Nikon Eclipse E200-specific CFI E Plan Achromat objectives available
  • Compatible with many different objectives; adds capabilities for many applications
  • Ergonomic Siedentopf-style eyepiece with 30 degree inclination for comfortable viewing
  • The Eclipse E200 features a wide field of view – 10x (F.O.V. 20) and 15x (F.O.V. 12) are both available with integrated diopter adjustment for each eye; eyepieces can be locked to prevent theft and damage
  • Refocusing stage eliminates manual refocusing between specimens
  • Upper limit stopper prevents stage from moving close enough to cause the objective to damage the slide – stopper bolt can be set in two different levels: standard position or 2mm lower than standard
  • Anti-mold agents prevent mold growth


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Date added: 2015-05-24 12:10:06