Lab Incubator MIR Series From Panasonic

Panasonic’s MIR Heated/Cooled lab incubator range is known as among the very best incubation systems for a wide range of experimental applications in the laboratory. Every Panasonic MIR incubator can achieve a temperature range from -100C to +600C.

One of the world’s premiere suppliers of biomedical products, Panasonic’s incubator range provides the advanced operation features and precise temperatures which meet the demands of the laboratory environment. The MIR series of lab incubator products can accurately provide and reproduce the temperature ranges and lighting conditions ideal for the incubation needs of virtually any lab.

The Panasonic MIR incubator series combine high precision and performance with ease of use. Each MIR lab incubator features programmable 12 step, 10 program temperature, light and time with continuous operation or up to 98 repetitions as needed for the application in question. Up to 10 programs can be set and stored for easy, convenient retrieval and set up of experiments which must be performed frequently.

The advanced capabilities of the Panasonic MIR incubator series are controlled using a intuitive, user friendly LCD interface for maximum convenience and efficiency in the high volume laboratory environment. MIR 154 incubators are also stackable, making them an ideal incubation solution for labs which have a heavy incubation workload and limited space.

Features of the New Panasonic MIR cooled lab incubator series include:  

  • User friendly, intuitive LCD Controller with 12 steps and up to 10 programs
  • Onboard storage of up to two weeks’ data
  • Single lamp chamber lighting (optional 4 lamp lighting available)
  • Designed to reduce media drying.
  • Stackable (MIR-154 model only)


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Date added: 2015-05-24 12:12:38