Lab Hot Plate Range From Cole Parmer

Cole-Parmer produces a wide range of lab hot plate products, all of which provide reliable performance and quick warm-up times to speed up workflow in the lab. The hot plate product line produced by the company includes analog hot plates in both ceramic top and aluminum top styles.

The Cole-Parmer WZ-04804-20  4” Ceramic Hot Plate is a compact, space saving ceramic top hot plate which is durably constructed and easy to clean. Its design directs liquid away from the operator in the case of spills and this hot plate stands up to high temperature applications.

Features of this Lab Hot Plate include:

  • Temperature range 150 – 538 degrees F
  • 10 lb load capacity
  • Integrated ring-stand holder for ½” diameter support rod
  • Quick warm-up; maximum temperature achieved in eight minutes
  • Corrosion resistant ceramic top for easy cleaning  

Cole-Parmer WZ-04807-25 7” and 12” ceramic top lab hot plate products are also available

Cole-Parmer WZ-04801-00 6” Aluminum Top Laboratory Hot Plates

These hot plates reach maximum temperature in around two minutes and are constructed from durable epoxy-coated cast aluminum. The aluminum top plate of this product is designed for high temperature uniformity and long lasting performance.

Cole-Parmer aluminum top hot plates are also available in 12” sizes.

Date added: 2015-05-24 12:14:52