Lab Homogeniser Range From Sartorius

The lab homogenisers from Sartorius can be used on various types of material. With many models available, this type of lab equipment is highly specialised and suitable for many purposes. The kit was developed as an improvement on the traditional pestle and mortar and ensures that quality and environmental issues are controlled when homogenising samples.

Potter S

The Potter S lab homogeniser is particularly suited to gentle disruption of soft tissues or cultured cells.

Shearing forces originating during the passage of samples between cylinder wall and plunger provide highly controlled conditions. This means even intact nuclei can be isolated. Furthermore, the integrated cooling vessel, which can be filled with ice water or connected to an external cooling system, controls heating during homogenisation to slow down degradation.

All cylinders are held by the clamping system and a large range of cylinders and plungers is available.

Mikro-Disembrator U and S

The Sartorius lab ball mills Mikro-Disembrator U and S are suited to disintegration and lab homogenisation of brittle, frozen and hard materials.

The U model has a shaking frequency of 2,000/min, making it ideal for most applications, and the S lab ball mill runs at 3,000/min and is perfect for fast homogenisation of samples frozen in liquid nitrogen. This allows faster isolation of DNA, RNA or proteins and reduces sample degradation.

Repeatability of the exact process is aided by the digital control of shaking frequency and time and a range of shaking flasks and grinding balls is available, as well as adaptors for small disposable vessels and microplates.

Ultrasonic homogenisers

The Labsonic M and P ultrasonic homogenisers are compact instruments that combine power supply, generator, controller and transducer. This unique concept saves valuable bench space.

Sonication amplitude can be set between 20% and 100% of the nominal power and the active period within one second can be set between 0.2 s and 1 s. This helps prevent any heating or foaming problems.

The sonotrodes are made of titanium, so are incredibly resistant to cavitation forces, although will wear with prolonged use.

One of the other unique features of these ultrasonic lab homogenisers is the automatic determination of probe length by the processor and the frequency, ensuring optimum output conditions.

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