Lab Freezer

Panasonic offers one of the largest range of chest and upright lab freezer ranges for medical and scienctific purposes, with chest and upright ULT equipment capable of freezing samples to -86 degrees C.

All can be used as -80, -70, -85 lab freezers and come equipped with the very latest Panasonic technology and high-quality features. They use CFC-refrigerants and have full alarm systems and security features to ensure samples are well-protected and stored at the correct temperature at all times.

Panasonic large capacity ULT lab freezers use a cascade cooling system, which enables ultra-low temperatures to be reached quickly and quietly, preserving samples in a timely and cost-effective manner. The microprocessor control than maintains the required temperature accurately and reliably, with warning alarms should the equipment fail.

The easy to clean filters ensure minimum maintenance of the laboratory freezers is required, while the LED digital display makes setup and readings quick and easy. Castor mountings boost flexibility, allowing the lab freezing equipment to be moved into position and a wide range of optional accessories means labs can tailor the freezers to suit individual requirements.

Selected models utilize VIP insulation to provide a high storage capacity and a small footprint.

Lab freezer range

The laboratory freezer in the SANYO range cover all requirements and lab setups.

The MDF-C8V1 and MDF-193 are ideal for labs where space is tight, with capacities of 84 and 86 litres respectively, offering high performance and usability even on small sample volumes.

With a 701 litre capacity, the MDF-794 is the largest chest lab freezer, and the MDF-U74V the biggest upright at 728 litres.


The MDF-U500VX Panasonic lab freezer is the ultimate cooling kit, featuring the revolutionary Dual Refrigeration Technology. This means that if one refrigeration system fails, the second will maintain temperatures in the -70 degrees C range, preserving samples and guarding against loss and degradation. This is ideal for situations where even a small change in temperature would ruin samples.

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