Lab Flask Range Offers Clear Advantages

If you reached for a lab flask, what would you pick up? A beaker, a conical flask (more properly an Erlenmeyer flask, named after its inventor Emil Erlenmeyer, the very productive C19th German chemist) or perhaps a round-bottom flask?

However, if there is one emblematic item that shouts ‘science' to the general public it is probably the humble test tube - itself, of course, a type of lab flask. Even this simple vessel, as made by DURAN, is designed with your requirements in mind: thick walled mechanically resistant test tubes with beaded or straight rims, or thin walled beaded-rim borosilicate tubes for localised heating, or where rapid temperature changes are involved.

The test tube's close cousin, another common lab flask is the centrifuge tube and DURAN's centrifuge tube is also particularly resistant to mechanical strain, with round or 30̊ or 60̊ conical-bottomed versions available. Another close relative, the culture tube (for the growth and culture of micro-organisms) can be straight rimmed to take Kapsenberg caps or threaded for screw caps.

DURAN culture tubes also come in disposable soda lime glassware versions. Probably the elite of this branch of the lab flask family though is the NMR tube. This is manufactured with different accuracy classes, regard for magnetic field and spin, and particular consideration of wall thickness and straightness, and really illustrates the care taken by DURAN over such a ‘simple' lab flask.  

When larger volumes are being mixed or heated then we think of that other laboratory staple: the beaker. DURAN make these lab flasks in both high and low (squat or tall) forms and a full range of volumes; from 5 - 1000 ml, with or without a spout. DURAN have now also introduced a ‘Super Duty' beaker with increased wall thickness, for greater mechanical sturdiness, making it autoclavable for sterile usage. If you are mixing and heating liquids then the conical (Erlenmeyer) flask has proven utility and narrow and wide neck versions add to the versatility of the DURAN range.

The addition of a Super Duty version, which is also autoclavable, and has a reinforced rim adds significantly to the robustness of this type of vessel. Where very uniform heating is required then the round-bottomed flask is the ideal option, again with a choice of neck sizes and an additional, alternative, ‘flat bottom' version. When it comes to lab flasks, it seems DURAN have got it well in hand - or over a Bunsen, or in a water bath. 

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:42:55