Lab Automation Solution Offers Flexible Lab Management

This may surprise you, but it does still happen: you can ask somebody in a laboratory why something is done a certain way and they will reply, "because that's the way we've always done it".

LAB2LAB from TTP labtech is not for these people. LAB2LAB is for those people who want their labs to function to their full potential, as efficiently as possible, and will consider new options to achieve that end.

LAB2LAB is a novel way to organise your company or department's entire analytical resources in a fully integrated fashion that frees up research and development staff to do what they do best - research and development. This lab automation system is based upon LabTech's proprietary pneumatic technology that has been used to great acclaim in their comPOUND® sample store.

At its simplest LAB2LAB consists of a small bench top microtube Sender, a Router, a Buffer and a Receiver - all connected by pneumatic tubing. After a bar code and ELN reference number is assigned to a sample tube the Sender propels it gently by compressed air from the ‘workbench' to the Router. This reads the code and sends it either to the required instrument, or if there is a queue, to the Buffer for later analysis when the machine becomes free.

So far, so straightforward, however the sophistication only becomes evident when you consider the number of analytical instruments that may be present today, for example, in a medical chemistry lab and how many analyses a sample may need to undergo during its characterisation. LCMS, HPLC, GC/MS and UPLC are just some of the techniques regularly carried out and the timing of each procedure may be critical.

Using the LAB2LAB lab automation and sample management system, instrument ‘bottlenecks' become a thing of the past - critical samples are prioritised, man-hours normally spent walking between labs (and floors and even buildings) are saved. Each Router can connect up to 30 Sender units with the transport pipes running within a building superstructure or on surfaces. Multiple Routers can easily be linked as well, providing a fully integrated customised answer to your analytical needs; lab automation working at its best.

There is, of course, tremendous flexibility in the system, both in the linkage of the Receiver units with the analytical instruments and the integration of the Buffer unit with rack-handling intelligent automata like Twister II and Hamilton SWAP. In addition, LAB2LAB can work with compound libraries, like TTP labtech's comPOUND® to enable quality control of stored samples. LAB2LAB is there for you 24/7 and samples such as these can be programmed to run over-night, returning data from each sample straight back to your ELN. Your time can be spent with the results, not worrying about equipment backlog.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:51:30