LIMS Implementation For Environmental Monitoring

Autoscribe, an industry leader in laboratory management systems, has released the new Matrix Gemini Environmental Monitoring system for the serious research laboratory.  LIMS implementation is easy and the environmental parameters such as temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure can affect delicate instrumentation.  Dust and organisms, such as bacteria and fungi, can also affect sensitive testing environs, so the monitoring of the environment becomes paramount to successful testing and experimentation.

The Matrix Gemini EM system is a versatile system, providing for all of your environmental monitoring needs.  Multiple testing configuration and sampling plans are available, monitoring each environment within the laboratory testing sites.  Exacting standards of the Matrix Gemini EM system allows for testing site meta- data configuration, microbiological assay control, and database comparisons for each environmental testing parameter.

Specific configurable alerts can be set up with each form of environmental monitoring, and the computer interface design allows for ease of use for each limitation setup.  Special alerts may be assigned for each department, allowing the environmental monitoring personnel to be alerted when changes are detected.

Pharmaceutical, biochemical, medical, and other research laboratory industries can benefit from the Matrix Gemini EM system, assuring these disciplines of a working environment that will not interfere with their sensitive testing protocols.

Autoscribe Limited is fast becoming a world leader in lab informatics and environmental monitoring.  Their new Matrix Gemini EM and LIMS systems are being recognized as the reliable resource for all research and biomedical laboratories worldwide. Lims implementation is now easier than ever before.

Autoscribe also provides computer systems and software for sample tracking, stability testing, instrument calibration and maintenance, support management, and even training records keeping.

Date added: 2011-07-15 19:24:09