LIMS Ideal For ADME Studies

Absorption, Distribution, Metabolism and Elimination (ADME) investigations are an essential step in the development of novel pharmaceuticals.

Along with complementary protein binding studies, it is imperative that the full spectrum of ADME studies, including tissue distribution and mass balance studies, pharmacokinetics and clearance rates, are managed effectively and efficiently in line with current Federal Drug Administration (FDA) and Good Laboratory Practise (GLP) guidelines and regulations. Debra 5 is a Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) designed with ADME studies in mind which, thanks to over 15 years of development, hand in glove with leading industry practitioners, has resulted in a system that has now become the industry standard.

Debra 5 can therefore offer a comprehensive data collection and evaluation system that, through direct instrument interfacing, or data file transfer nullifies human transcription or calculation errors. This wealth of ‘ADME' experience also means Debra 5 can address the most complicated of current protocols while retaining the flexibility that ensures experimental studies are carried out to your specifications not the management systems requirements!

Debra 5, unlike some other ADME LIMS, is more than a quality control tracking system, with protocol-handling software almost added on as an afterthought; a raft of fully integrated modules is the key to the functionality of Debra 5, making it key to your ADME studies.

An interactive dosing module (linked with a treatment module) helps reduce, if not eliminate, weighing errors and provides treatment specific activity data in line with your own laboratory procedures. A Whole Body Autoradiography (WBA) module allows these projects to be integrated as part of a larger ADME study or they can be handled alone. A PK module illustrates how, again unlike some other LIMS, Debra 5 is the total package as far as ADME studies are concerned - with you right from the beginning to the end, covering all aspects.

There is also the facility to link directly to Lablogic's own Laura 3 radio-chromotography software, which has itself become an industry standard. In addition a highly adaptable labelling module, with a bar-coding option, again helps cut down on errors while increasing laboratory efficiency, saving you time and money and contributing to the increased output of 40-60% found in ‘Debra 5' laboratories.

Of course every aspect of the operation is combined with a Document Management System which makes report generation straightforward and convenient and administrator configured supervision of the whole operation helps ensure full FDA 21 CFR Part 11 compliance. What is more, Lablogic offer a full ‘Validation service' to ensure that Debra 5 will always successfully address your ADME laboratory needs.  

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:44:49