Karl Fischer Titrators Offer Compact Solution

It is to the credit of German chemist Karl Fischer that his procedure for determining sample water content, despite being published in 1935, remains the method of choice for both academia and major industries.

Not that the design and construction of the ‘Karl Fischer titrators' that employ his ideas have stood still, of course, and Mettler-Toledo now offer a comprehensive range of compact volumetric and coulometric Karl Fischer titrators which feature One ClickTM Water Determination.

With One ClickTM it has never been simpler to obtain fast, reliable and accurate measurements of water content across a whole range of values: 1 ppm to 100% water. One ClickTM technology utilises a large touch screen interface that permits all users to have their own ‘homescreen' where stored shortcut buttons can launch a range of routine tasks.

Whether you have a coulometric C20 and C30 Karl Fischer titrator, for measuring low water content samples (1 ppm to 5%), or the V20 and V30 volumetric titrators, for the upper range (100 ppm and 100%) you can be confident that the operation will proceed smoothly and efficiently. A solvent manager negates the need for operator intervention, keeping users safe while emptying or replacing reagents and monitoring three different titration cell parameters.

Plug and play burettes allow automatic burette recognition thanks to radio-frequency identification (RFID) chips that store important ‘lifetime' and concentration information, preventing the use of wrong or expired titrants. The Karl Fischer Titrators from Mettler-Toledo also run LabX PC software.

This, amongst many other features, allows network titrator control, as well as integrating with your LIMS and providing full 21 CFR part 11 compliance (that part of the US Code of Federal Regulations that deals with FDA electronic signatures and records).

Plus you have the option to combine the C30 and V30 Karl Fischer titrators with a carousel-like Stromboli oven sample changer that allows up to 14 samples to be titrated sequentially.

Save time, remain assured, as evaporated sample water is automatically transferred to the titration cell from the temperature-controlled oven using an applied gas flow. State-of-the-art Karl Fischer titration in one easy-to-use compact package, we think Karl Fischer would have approved.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:47:26