Incubator Decontamination in Super Quick Time

It is always a pleasure to see a familiar chemical being put to a new use, as is the case with Panasonic's unique hydrogen peroxide vapour incubator decontamination system. Hydrogen peroxide is a rather splendid little molecule - it's that O-O single band that does it.

The oxidising properties it bestows makes it H2O2 very useful as a bleach and cleaning agent, but - less we forget - the strength of that oxidising capacity is so strong that H2O2 is classified as a reactive oxygen species and qualifies for use as a rocket propellant. However, unlike many aggressive chemical ‘species' H2O2 decomposes naturally (or with help!) into water and oxygen.

All of which therefore combines to make Panasonic's H2O2 decontamination system such a winner. Available for Panasonic's MCO-19AIC CO2 and MCO-19M multi-gas incubators the H2O2 vapour incubator decontamination system provides effective decontamination in a little over two hours, compared with some heat decontamination systems that may require an overnight cycle. Also because this is a room temperature process vulnerable electrical components are not stressed within or around the incubator.  

The use of Panasonic's high-speed vaporisation process ensures total decontamination of all interior surfaces, with all components, including the CO2 sampling loop, being decontaminated in situ. A seven-minute H2O2 vaporisation phase is followed by 90 minutes UV irradiation that ensures that the H2O2 is broken down safely to water and oxygen.

There is no need for a separate autoclave cycle. For safety the H2O2 is completely contained within the incubator and the Door Interlook prevents accidental opening. Inbuilt alarm systems are of course provided as standard and validation ensures compliance with the highest GLP, cGMP and GRP standards.

Used in conjunction with Panasonic's InCu saFe copper-enriched stainless steel interior design and SafeCell UV treatment of interior airflow - a process Panasonic call Active Background Contamination Control - H2O2 vaporisation can ensure that these incubators maintain a zero-tolerance policy to contamination.

This is why Panasonic incubators, equipped with the time saving unique hydrogen peroxide vapour incubator decontamination system have to be the choice for the most demanding of biotechnology and pharmaceutical applications, such as monoclonal antibody production. I mean, it's not rocket science, but it's getting very close.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:53:01