ICP Spectroscopy with the Thermo Scientific iCAP 6500

Thermo Scientific is renowned for the quality of its high performance ICP spectroscopy instruments including the powerful iCAP 6500 ICP. This is a full featured ICP system which is perfectly suited for high throughput routine liquid analysis in busy laboratory environments. The advanced design of this instrument allows it to provide the high performance of the Thermo Scientific iCAP 6000 series in a compact instrument which offers exceptionally economical operation.

The iCAP 6500’s ICP spectroscopy instruments advanced, highly efficient optics allow it to simultaneously analyze 66 elements at detection limits less than one part per billion – exceptionally powerful performance by anyone’s standards. This is just one of the many features which make the Thermo Scientific iCAP 6500 such a flexible and productivity enhancing instrument.

Features of the Thermo Scientific iCAP 6500 ICP spectroscopy system include:

  • Dedicated duo plasma or radial viewing for flexibility
  • Cost efficient operation with high performance for demanding laboratory environments
  • Simultaneous analysis of 66 elements with >1 ppb detection limits; fast results – under 20 seconds per sample
  • Integrated gas, liquid and solid sample introduction accessories
  • Compatible with wide range of external liquid and solid sampling accessories
  • Fullframe technology for retrospective analysis and fingerprinting
  • Speed and timescan modes for advanced data acquisition functionality
  • Advanced EMT torch technology permits routine maintenance to be performed without switching off plasma
  • CID camera technology provides improved ICP spectroscopy saturation resistance and wider dynamic range
  • Sophisticated software provides automatic optimization of sample introduction system, with modularity for ease of use, regulatory compliance and the versatility to add accessories easily
  • User-customizable reporting templates for streamlined, flexible export and publishing

Date added: 2012-05-03 15:47:30