ICP MS Analysis System From Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific specializes in spectrometry equipment, including high performance instruments for ICP MS analysis applications such as the Thermo Element 2. This is the world’s first high performance double focusing magnetic sector field ICP-MS instrument. The Element 2 provides separation of ions from spectral interference in the analyte for accurate, precision elemental analysis. The high mass resolution of the Element 2 is a feature which is unique to this instrument.

The Thermo Scientific Element 2 is ideal for trace element analysis applications in semiconductor research and development, environmental analysis, geological studies, life sciences laboratories and more. The instrument has been optimized from the ground up for stability, accurate and reliable results and high productivity as well as ease of use. Lenses, torch position, gas flows and other operating parameters are auto tuned for reproducible setup. This full featured ICP MS analysis system offers advanced ion optics which provide high transmission at high resolution, making the Element 2 the perfect ICP-MS instrument for routine laboratory applications.

Features of the Thermo Scientific Element 2 ICP MS analysis instrument include:

  • Multielemental analysis (ultra trace to matrix, covering nearly all of the periodic table – quantitative, isotopic and species information) including organic and inorganic solids and solution matrices
  • High sensitivity, excellent signal to noise ratio
  • Fully automatable for routine productivity applications
  • Comprehensive, user-customizable QC system and fully automated tuning and analysis capabilities
  • High precision isotope ratios
  • High mass resolution for unambiguous elemental spectra, even with spectrally interfered isotopes  - a feature only offered by the Thermo Scientific Element 2 ICP MS analysis system
  • Transient signal multielemental detector (including laser ablation, HPLC, CE, GC and FFF)

Date added: 2012-05-03 15:47:04