Hot plate Stirrers

Stuart (a Bibby Scientific brand) manufactures a hotplate stirrer range including two models – the SB302 and the CB302. These are economical, high performance hot plate stirrers which provide the best in stirring performance with advanced safety features. A warning light flashes on the unit when plate temperature rises above 50 degrees Celsius – this warning light operates even after the hotplate is turned off for maximum safety in the laboratory. A powerful motor and magnets provide stirring speeds of as high as 1500 rpm with volumes of up to 15 L.

The SB032 model features a durable top plate constructed from an aluminum/silicon alloy which provides excellent heat transmission for rapid heating and even temperature distribution. The CB032 hot plate stirrers features a glass ceramic top which is temperature and chemical resistant for exceptional durability and easy cleaning. High plate temperatures are possible while keeping the edges relatively cool to reduce the risk of accidental burns while using the unit.

Features of the Stuart SB302 and CB302 include:

  • 30 cm x 30 cm size
  • Available with aluminum/silicon top (SB032) or chemically resistant glass ceramic top (CB032)
  • Flashing warning light when top plate temperature exceeds 50 degrees Celsius
  • Safety circuit prevents overheating
  • Large vessel capacity – up to 15 L
  • Powerful stirring with speeds of up to 1500 rpm
  • Maximum plate temperature of 450 (CB032 hot plate stirrers) degrees Celsius or 300 degrees Celsius (SB032)

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:24:37