High Power Microscope Range From Olympus

The CKX high power microscope series from Olympus is designed to simplify cell checking through efficient, high performance optics systems which are easy to use and require minimal operator adjustment.

These microscopes are designed to occupy the smallest possible amount of benchtop space; their compact design enables placement alongside the incubator for increased safety and efficiency.

User comfort has also been taken into account in the design of the CKX series – viewing is comfortable whether standing or sitting with tilting observation tubes of the CKX 41 model.

The more than eight decades of experience in laboratory optics possessed by Olympus is readily apparent in the CKX range of high power microscope systems. Industry leading infinity corrected UIS2 optics provide maximum image clarity and contrast in cell checking applications.

The Olympus CKX series supports multiple observation methods, making the series well suited for an increased range of applications.

Features of the Olympus CKX high power microscope series (CKX31 & CKX41) include:

  • Olympus UIS2 optical system for clear, high contrast images
  • FN 22 field of view; permitting various upright microscope observation tubes to be used (CKX41 model only)
  • Pre-centered phase contrast slider for quick adjustment free observation and increased efficiency
  • Compact design for minimal footprint in the laboratory; easy installation alongside incubator or clean bench
  • Tilting binocular observation tube with 30-60 degree adjustability for comfortable high power microscope viewing while sitting or standing (CKX41 model only)
  • High resolution relief contrast (N.A.O.5) for three dimensional observation of thicker specimens such as egg cells; relief contrast maintains shadow direction even with changes in magnification and optical adjustment/centering


The CKX series can be used as a fluorescence observation system with the use of an Olympus fluorescent illuminator and UIS2 fluorescent objectives for clear, high contrast fluorescent images.

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Date added: 2015-05-24 12:10:23