High Content Imaging in Action from TTP labtech

The Acumen® eX3 from TTP labtech features a high content imaging system that has driven high-content screening (HCS) to a new level. This particular application of automated high-resolution laser scanning cytometry combined with modern biomolecular techniques, has become an invaluable research, compound validation and diagnostic tool, particularly in oncology.

By making the imaged individual cell the basic unit for quantification, the effect of interventions such as potential drug candidates on crucial cellular activities e.g. protein kinase inhibition, can be measured accurately across whole cell populations.

Other applications are many fold: including cell cycle analysis, proliferation, stem cell phenotyping, angiogenesis, cell migration and chemotaxis, viral infectivity and many other assays. 

At the heart of TTP labtech's Acumen eX3 is high content imaging system with three laser excitation channels (405, 488 and 633 nm) and four colour detection - giving twelve data collection channels - enabling a wide range of fluorophores to be used in multi-plexed assays. This standard of high content imaging permits simultaneous analysis of every cell within a single microplate well at the very impressive rate of over 40 images per second.

When combined with software containing sophisticated imaging algorithms, this high content imaging system can produce throughputs of 300,000 + wells per day, (<10 min per plate), producing statistically robust data, being the fastest high content screening available anywhere.

The wide field of view that permits whole-well scanning also gives potential for large object analysis of model organisms such as C. elegans and Zebra fish Rapid throughput, of course, must not mean that accuracy or precision is sacrificed, and TTP labtech's effective and efficient high content imaging system ensures that whether it is a simple cell health assay, or a complex RNAi scan, high-content screening can be performed easily and with confidence.

Read more about their high content screening system on their website.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:46:41