Hazard Evaluation with Thermal Screening Unit From HEL

The HEL Group is known for its range of hazard evaluation solutions for production and research environments. Designed to be the first step in an assessment of reaction hazards, the Thermal Screening Unit (TSu ) provides a more sophisticated assessment solution than the traditional DSC/DTA screening methods.

The TSu provides the same ease of use as the DSC/DTA methods, but offers pressure data and representative sampling (using sample cells of up to 8 ml) as well as onset temperature of a given reaction. Accurate assessment relies on both pressure and onset temperature data – and representative sampling ensures the reliability of assessments.

The standard hazard evaluation procedure with this instrument is to heat samples at a user-defined rate (generally .5 to 5°C per minute) while recording pressure and temperature. Exotherm onset is determined by a deviation from linearity in the increase of temperature or pressure and the rise following this onset point is used to assess the severity of the hazard. Isothermal, soak-and-scan and dual scan operating modes are also supported.

The TSu is ideal for applications including determining the thermal stability of liquid or solid feeds, intermediates and products, the determination of safe temperatures for storage and operation and the danger posed by runaway reactions. It’s also well suited for hazard evaluation of long term exposure at elevated temperatures (isothermal/soak testing).

Features of the TSu include:

  • Operating range of temperatures from ambient temperature to 400°C, with a resolution of 0.01°C
  • Pressure transducers available with operating range of up to 200 bar
  • Rapid sample turnaround
  • ~8 ml spherical test cells available in stainless steel, glass and alloys for representative sampling of liquids, solids and reaction mixtures
  • Easy to use, intuitive WinISO software provides a user friendly process development interface; conditions are numerically displayed and on a trend graph during operation and steps may be modified during operation


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