Hand Refractometer Instruments From Cole-Parmer

Cole-Parmer provides a full range of hand refractometer instruments which offer benchtop performance in a compact, easily portable instrument which is ideal for use in the field, on the production floor or anywhere else you need to make fast, accurate Brix measurements.

The range of portable refractometers offered by Cole-Parmer includes the Reichert High Precision Brix Refractometer (WZ-81007-04)

These handheld refractomers provide quick and reliable results and are made for use in the field. The instruments are completely sealed to prevent dirt or condensation from collecting on the lenses.

Features of the WZ-81007-04 Reichert High Precision Brix Hand Refractometer include:

  • Automatic temperature compensation; no temperature measurement or correction tables needed (60 - 100 degrees Fahrenheit/15 – 38 degrees Celsius)
  • Measurement range 0 – 35% Brix with 0.2% resolution and ±0.1% accuracy
  • Durable, completely sealed chemical resistant housing 
  • Large scales for easy reading
  • 10x focusable eyepiece 
  • Ideal for Brix measurements in fresh produce, canned goods and beverages
  • Includes sample application pipettes, calibration adjustment wrench and durable carrying case


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Date added: 2015-05-24 12:14:34