Haematology Analysis With The HORIBA ABX Micros ES60

HORIBA Medical has once again advanced the state of the art in point of care haematology analysis with the new Horiba ABX Micros ES60. This compact yet powerful instrument takes up only a small space on the benchtop while delivering big results, processing samples at speeds of up to one per minute (50 per minute with the closed tube version of the ES60).

The Micros ES60 is tailor made for use in point of care applications, being ideal for clinics and where quick results are important to improving medical outcomes and patient experience. This latest member of the HORIBA Medical Micros family provides the robust, reliable performance that the Micros range is already renowned for along with the latest innovations in haematology analysis, all in one compact, user-friendly package.

Everything can be controlled from the unit’s single, large screen LCD touch control and display panel and the ES60 includes a number of advanced features such as real time status reporting, automatic maintenance and operational alerts, automatic reagent tests and more. Reports can easily be customized and viewed or exported and archived externally via an integrated USB connection, with both overview-style and detailed results available as needed. It’s quite simply the most user-friendly, reliable and powerful compact instrument for blood sample analysis on the market today.

Features of the HORIBA ABX Micros ES60 include:

  • Large 8.4” LCD touch screen panel and intuitive user interface
  • Available in open or closed tube models 
  • Traceability in compliance with applicable standards for users, maintenance, reagents and controls
  • Automatic system monitoring and status reporting; including quality control
  • Haematology analyser with three activated blood control levels simultaneously
  • Easy to read results, including white blood cell, red blood cell and platelet curves, HGB, HCT 
  • Integrated barcode reader (in closed tube version only); optional external barcode reader also available
  • Onboard storage of up to 1,000 patient results

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:00:35