Haematology Analyser Offers High Performance - HORIBA Pentra ES 60

HORIBA is a company with more than two decades of experience in  clinical chemistry; experience which shows in the Pentra 60 haematology analyser. This high performance five part differential analyser for open tube sampling features 26 different parameters (12 CBC, 14 DIFF), capabilities for 3 histograms (red blood cells, platelets and white blood cells/BAS). The Pentra 60’s high resolution matrix provides analysis of large immature cells and atypical lymphocytes and concise reporting of test results – all at an impressive throughput rate of 60 open tube samples per hour.

The Pentra 60 uses HORIBA’s patented DHSS (double hydrodynamic sequential system) and MDSS (multi-distribution sampling system) technologies for accurate, rapid results and reliable diagnoses using samples of whole blood and serum with full differentiation of white blood cell subpopulations. HORIBA’s DHSS technology makes the 60 the most advanced hematology instrument for cytochemistry and cytometric analysis available.

It’s a compact and cost effective blood haematology analysis solution for the clinic or medical laboratory with no need for daily maintenance thanks to fully automated calibration, 100% accurate sample identification (using an external barcode scanner) and low reagent consumption – the 60 uses micro-aspiration technology to completely homogenize the reagents and samples to economize these materials.

The large, full color 15” screen makes it easy to read the HORIBA Pentra 60’s real time results and status reporting including a progress bar for the current operation, reagent levels, lot number and more.

Features of the HORIBA Pentra ES60 haematology analyser include:

  • Patented HORIBA MDSS and DHSS technologies
  • Optical absorbance, diffraction and impedance measurement of cell content and volume
  • Provides fast, accurate CBC/CBC+DIFF testing
  • Results can be provided in graphs, color matrix and other formats
  • Concise, easy to read reports including matrix, histograms and patient demographics
  • Onboard memory stores up to 10,000 patient results
  • Optional laser printer for reporting
  • Unidirectional/bidirectional connection with ABX and ASTM communication protocols
  • Integrated floppy and CD-ROM drive
  • USB ports for external keyboard and mouse
  • 2 serial ports (more serial ports available as optional feature)

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:01:34