HPLC Method Development At The Highest Quality

The WaveQuest CE4300 DAD (Dynamic Absorbance Detector) is a powerful and effective alternative to conventional photo diode array detectors. With ultra high speed scanning and the accuracy and reliability of all Cecil Instruments products the CE 4300 streamlines HPLC method development, variable wavelength monitoring, purity determination and R & D applications. The WaveQuest also supports wavelength programming and dual wavelength monitoring.  

An innovative design based on the concept of double beam spectro-photometry, the CE4300 adds ultra high speed wavelength scanning from 190-700 nm. The dynamic wavelength scanning technology of the Wave Quest CE 4300 allows for UV spectra data in a mere 200 mS; something which could only be done with a PDA detector's static optical system until Cecil Instruments provided a simpler solution.

Using the latest in signal processing software, ultra high quality scans can be done on the fly; scans which are triggered by eluting peaks without degrading these peaks. Cecil's DataStream software transfers spectral data to a PC where the software can perform spectral manipulation and processing, provide library facilities and export spectral data to Word, Excel and other applications or saved to disk. The WaveQuest is a significant step forward for any organization or business concerned with HPLC method development.          

The DataStream software is integrated with the Cecil CE4900 PowerStream software to provide quantitative evaluation and reporting as well as integrating eluting peaks simultaneous to purity and peak identification being performed.

One Detector For All Of Your UV Applications

The single beam PDA (Photodiode Detector Array) commonly used in R &D and HPLC method development is often replaced by a dual beam UV variable wavelength detector for post method development phase routine monitoring due to the higher drift of single beam PDA detectors, as much as 20 times that of a dual beam detector. Cecil's DAD uses a dual beam optical system to provide the lowest possible drift and the highest performance.

Suitable for purity determination, method development and as a high performance variable wavelength monitoring UV detector, the WaveQuest CE4300 offers great versatility at a far lower cost than that of a PDA detector. It's the ideal solution to HPLC method development, monitoring and a wide array of other functions.

A Truly Universal UV/Visible Detector

The ultra fast scanning capabilities of the WaveQuest DAD represents a significant advance in the field of UV visible detector technology. With all of the functionality of a PDA with far better performance in chromatogram monitoring,  high speed eluting peak scanning; even on the fly, purity determination, lambda max scans for optimal wavelength monitoring with unfamiliar peaks and even compound peak identification using library spectra, the CE4300 is the most cost-effective, reliable and accurate universal UV/visible detector and HPLC method solution available.

Each and every component of this detector from the optical system, the monochromator, detector optics, lamp optics and the signal processing software have been carefully designed and fine-tuned to give users the highest performance whether wavelength scanning, single wavelength monitoring or multi-wavelength monitoring.

The ultra low noise and drift in chromatogram monitoring allow for the most accurate measurements at the highest of sensitivities, even when measuring low concentrations!

Taper Beam Optics

Maximum energy collection is assured by the Cecil WaveQuest CE4300's use of taper beam optical imaging technology. From the flowcell, the maximum possible energy is transmitted to the detector. This minimizes baseline wander from changes in the solvent refractive index as gradient formation occurs.

Performance Validation

Detector performance validation is convenient with the standard software used in the instrument. When the calibration routine is initiated, a Holmium Oxide filter is automatically placed in the optical path. The WaveQuest also provides automated bandwidth validation with the Deuterium emission line at 656.1 nm and absorbance accuracy is performed with filters which are traceable to comply with NPL standards.

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