HPLC Column Heater

I always wanted a TARDIS. You know the TARDIS, Dr Who's amazing machine for zipping around the universe past and present? It was not just the advanced travel facilities that attracted, or even the police box disguise - no what really amazed me was that the fact that the TARDIS was so much bigger inside than outside. Small looking police box outside- huge amounts of space inside!

The designers at Cecil instruments have obviously been taking tips from Dr Who when it comes to their liquid chromatography ovens and chillers. There is so much room, in such a compact space, that you do worry whether the Laws of Physics are being tinkered with.

The CE 4601 LC oven and the CE 4600 hplc column heater and chiller can both accommodate up to three 25cm columns and pre columns with ample room for a chemical suppresser valve for ion chromatography. Different detectors can be added with ease depending on your analytical requirements and there is plenty of access room courtesy of the large front doors - don't worry leak detection facilities are included as standard!

The oven, heated by forced air circulation, will provide an incredibly stable operating environment over a range from ambient to 85 C, and there is provision for pre-column heat exchangers, reducing column temperature gradients, crucially at temperatures above 40ºC.

Thermoelectric control on the heater/chiller means it operates over a 5ºC to 70ºC range - with a lowest temperature 12ºC below ambient.

Designed with the Adept HPLC and IonQuest Ion Chromatography systems in mind, easy to use and fast to install, these heaters and chillers work equally well with third party equipment and are operated via stand-alone controls or by Powerstream software. 

They can't guarantee that you will be transported across the known universe, but Cecil have done everything they can to ensure you achieve speedy and reliable results for your LC, HPLC and ion chromatography studies.  

To find out more about the hplc column heater from Cecil, please click on the supplier website link to the specific product landing page on their website.

You can also see the Cecil HPLC analysis HPLC method and ion chromatography systems on labface. 

Date added: 2012-05-03 14:26:27