Glass Desiccator Products From Schott

Schott's large range of DURAN glass desiccator products are intended for drying materials as well as for the storage of substances which are sensitive to moisture. Designed with thick walls and a vacuum tight ground joints, these desiccators are suitable for use along with a vacuum, including long term storage applications.

Schott produces a range of five different styles of glass desiccator as well as a complete range of individual components for use as spare parts or as the basis of a custom desiccators system. Other than the desiccators plate itself (which is available in either porcelain or metal), Schott desiccators and desiccator parts are manufactured from Schott's own exceptionally durable DURAN borosilicate glass.

While the company's DURAN desiccators components are designed for interchangeability, the company also produces five basic styles which meet the needs of users for many applications. These styles include a glass desiccator with NOVUS ground joint tubulature and flat flanges, desiccators which feature NOVUS ground joint tubulature and a ring groove flange, desiccators, desiccators with a knob lid, NOVUS ground joint tubulature in the base's sidewall and flat flanges, desiccators with MOBILEX screw joints and stopcock outlet and a desiccator with a WERTEX safety joint.

However, these five styles are not the perfect fit for every application; which is why all Schott glass desiccator parts are precision made to be interchangeable with one another. With many different parts to choose from, users can assemble desiccators which fit the requirements of virtually any application using Schott stopcocks, closures, lids and bases.

Date added: 2012-05-03 16:57:54