Gel Drying Is Easy with the Gel Dryer range From Cleaver

The Cleaver Scientific range of gel dryer and vacuum pump products increase the efficiency of gel drying in the laboratory by allowing multiple gels to be dried simultaneously.

All of Cleaver’s dryers use a microprocessor control unit to provide the maximum accuracy in a convenient interface. These dryer units feature separate LED displays for time and temperature for user convenience. The dryers are available in Midi (six 10x10cm or one large gel capacity) and Maxi (12 10x10cm or one large gel capacity) sizes.

The base plate of the gel dryer units uniformly heats the gels from below while the vacuum pump removes moisture for homogenous gel drying of multiple gels. A silicone rubber cover and supporting mask ensure a tight seal on the unit, with an additional groove around the drying surface supplying a perfect seal between gel dryer and vacuum pump while the gel drying process is underway.

Cleaver’s GelMaster Vacuum Pump uses a room temperature vapor trap which condenses the vapors from the dryer and keeping this moisture trapped and clear of the other systems. This is followed up with the GelMaster’s efficient diaphragm pump which provides rapid, even drying through with a powerful non-fluctuating vacuum.

The GelMaster has a capacity of 1.5L, permitting it to dry as many as 15 gels in between draining its reusable trap. The pump provides incredibly efficient, swift and even gel drying; so much so that a single GelMaster unit may be used with more than one gel dryer at once – the pump can be used for gel drying with three dryers simultaneously.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 12:58:18