Fume Hood Filter System for Laboratory Hoods and Cabinets

It may seem too obvious to state it, but a ductless fume hood or a ductless vented storage cabinet is only as good as its filter. This is why, irrespective of the manufacturer, you should ensure that the fume hood filter in your hood or cabinet is as effective and efficient as possible. Asura is the filter (and maintenance) department of Erlab, a leading manufacturer of ductless fume hoods for more than 40 years.

Their experience in both the construction of the filter shell and the manufacture of the activated carbon filter itself is second to none. This expertise in fume hood filters, which Erlab brings to its own products, is now also available for many different ranges and models of ductless fume hoods as well as storage cabinets, from manufacturers such as Astec, Bigneat, Bioair, Cruma, Chemfree, Gelaire, Gruppo Strola, International PBI, Labcair, Misonix and Safelab.

Asura filter shells come in two forms: an electrogalvanised steel shell that avoids any corrosion risk with additional epoxy resin oxidation protection and a patented injected polypropylene shell design that shelters the filter from corrosion and prevents decompacting. The activated carbon used by Asura meets the most stringent regulations and assembly is optimised for adsorption, with comprehensive testing at every production stage to ensure a constant level of performance and quality control. 

Plus the Asura network - probably the most comprehensive maintenance service available for your fume hood filter, ductless fume hoods, vented storage cabinets, weighing stations and other enclosures requiring filtering technology - is always at hand to ensure continued optimal performance. Asura, dedicated to your safety and peace of mind.

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Date added: 2015-05-25 11:54:22