The Pulverisette 14 - Even Cooler

The Pulverisette 14 from Fritsch is a variable speed mill constructed to address a wide range of comminution needs and is particularly suited for samples that are difficult to grind or are temperature sensitive. It has a top speed of 20,000 rpm and two special features that help make it so effective.

The first feature is a highly effective cooling airflow around the grinding material in the collecting vessel, the motor components and the rotor itself, which is produced by an ingenious design and layout of components. This works in tandem with a large fan that blows cooling air in through a particle filter and thus creates a positive pressure that excludes dirt and air debris.

To also help minimise the thermal load the Pulverisette 14 also features an ‘impact bar’. This clever piece of engineering acts as a stator that works in conjunction with a sieve ring to produce a surface upon which the sample is additionally beaten. This results in increased grinding efficiency at lower temperatures, ideal for temperature sensitive materials such as plastics or powder coatings and for samples with residual moisture or fats. For example, when grinding wood fibres the temperature without the impact bar was 56.1°C, while with the impact bar it was 41.7°C.

Also of particular note is the easy tool-free grinding part exchange that additionally promotes rapid cleaning. There is a range of different sized sieve rings, rotors and collecting vessels made with different materials to produce the optimal procedure for your own application. The throughput will obviously depend on the sample, but generally is around 0.05 - 5 litres per hour and assuming a feed size of < 10 mm, a final fineness of 40 µm is achievable.

If you need to grind soft to medium-hard brittle and fibrous materials, like tablets, pharmaceuticals and dragées, particularly if they are temperature sensitive, then the Pulverisette 14 is just the mill for you. It is, after all, pretty cool.

Date added: 2015-05-21 16:30:13