FRITSCH Planetary Premium Line Of Laboratory Mills

With their new premium line of planetary mills, FRITSCH has opened up an entirely new dimension in high tech precision milling. The premium line offers higher rotational speeds and the ability to grind materials into the nanometer range; the kind of fineness which has never before been available. The mills offer not only the finest grind but also an unparalleled level of user-friendliness and efficiency.

FRITSCH premium mills are also safer than ever before, thanks to their easy to use locking system for the grinding bowl combined with automatic lock checking, automatic shut-off when an imbalance is detected and a blocking feature which prevents these planetary mills from operating in impermissible states.

The design of these sophisticated and powerful mills is one of the advances which FRITSCH has introduced with the premium range. The lid and grinding bowl are a single unit which can be shut gas-tight with a single motion - and locking the bowl into the mill is just as easy.

The bowl is self-positioning and locks firmly into place with no further tensioning or other adjustment being necessary. FRITSCH premium range planetary mills also feature automatic opening and closing of the grinding chamber during the self-positioning process.

The grinding bowl is automatically detected using an integrated RFID chip; the mill also automatically optimizes the rotation speed of the mill and keeps impermissible settings from being used in the mill's operation. This automatic parameter check runs before every use and also has the benefit of ensuring reproducibility.

The mill is controlled using an intuitively designed touch screen interface which allows for easy programming and an easily navigable menu system. With this easy to use user interface and its array of automated features, FRITSCH planetary mills are among the easiest to use instruments of their type available today.

The premium line can also boast of significant improvements in speed; this line offers revolutionary rotation speeds of as high as 1100 rpm with acceleration of 95 g, meaning an energy application which is about 150% higher than that of traditional planetary-style mills. The higher speed of these mills means finer grinding and faster results for the end user.

Balls and grinding bowls for FRITSCH premium planetary mills are available in a wide range of sizes and in different materials. Accessories offered for the premium line include gassing lids for use in metal alloying applications and applications which require grinding materials in inert gases, the FRITSCH special emptying device for grinding materials in suspension and the FRITSCH EASY GTM which provides simple and easy to use monitoring of chemical and physical reactions as well as thermal effects.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:16:35