Fluorimeter Instruments

Jenway (a Bibby Scientific brand) manufactures a wide variety of scientific instruments including fluorimeter instruments such as the Jenway 62 series. These three models are designed for a wide range of different applications.

The Jenway 6280 is designed for sensitivity, with determinations at emission wavelengths of up to 650 nm. The Jenway 6285 features a red enhanced detector for higher emission wave lengths and the economical Jenway 6270 is perfect for less sensitive applications with a broad range of up to 1100 nm.

The Jenway 62 series use high energy xenon lamps which use press to read operation and TET (total energy transfer) technology to maximize the life of the lamp; in most cases, the lamp never needs to be replaced during the expected lifetime of the instrument. The 62 series of fluorimeter instruments feature high quality optics with intelligent filter modules which are recognized by the instrument – the unit generates error messages when filters are incorrectly fitted or the wrong filters have been used.

Features of the Jenway 62 series include:

  • High quality optics with pulsed xenon lamp and TET technology for long life
  • Easy to use, intuitive, menu driven interface
  • Easy, fast program creation; up to 20 methods can be created and stored
  • Every stored reading is time and date tagged to conform with Good Laboratory Practice
  • Concentration values and raw fluorescence options
  • Kinetic and standard curve functions
  • Optional sipper pump and heated sample holder are available
  • 62 Series fluorimeter instruments are compatible with Jenway’s DataWay software
  • RS232 interface

Date added: 2015-05-25 10:24:03