Flame Photometer

Jenway (a Bibby Scientific brand) manufactures a wide range of scientific equipment including the PFP7/C Clinical Flame Photometer. This instrument is a single flame channel, low temperature photometry solution designed for determination of sodium, lithium and potassium concentrations of samples in clinical analysis applications. 

Sodium and potassium readings can be displayed directly in mmol/L thanks to the PFP7/C’s integrated linearizer circuitry. The PFP7/C is designed for use with the Jenway series 7 diluter for efficient, accurate dilution of serum samples. The instrument can use LPG, butane, natural gas or propane as a fuel source for its flame channel.

Features of the Jenway PFP7/C Clinical flame photometer include:

  • Single flame channel, low temperature photometer
  • Integrated flame failure safety system
  • PFP7/C uses propane, natural gas, LPG or butane
  • Sodium, potassium and lithium filters included
  • 120 – 160 mmol/L range (sodium)
  • 0 – 10 mmol/L range (potassium)
  • Detection of sodium at .2 parts per million
  • Detection of potassium at .2 parts per million
  • Detection of lithium at .25 parts per million
  • Reproducible results: <1% coefficient of variation for 20 consecutive samples using 10ppm Na set to read 50
  • Linearity of < 2% error when 3ppm Na/K and 5ppm Li are set to read 100 
  • Stability: < 2% drift over 5min when continuously aspirating 10ppm sample set to 50.0


The PFP7/C flame photometer offers compact design for a small benchtop footprint.

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:01:54