Fire Cabinet Filtration System for Laboratories

When safety is paramount there is no point in putting anything off until tomorrow, not when it can be done today - economically and easily.

A case in point is fire cabinets, or fireproof cabinets if you prefer that name. These cabinets have undoubtedly been a great addition to the laboratory, especially for storing solvents and acids. However, by removing such chemicals from their traditional home in cupboards under fume cupboards that have built-in ventilation, it has meant that unpleasant and noxious fumes can often leak into the laboratory, especially when the cupboard is in frequent use.

Erlab, a major manufacturer of vented chemical storage cabinets, have addressed this issue by designing a standalone filtration system for fireproof cabinets. There is no need to invest completely new storage units. This fire cabinet filtration system, called Chemtrap, is compatible with a wide range of existing fireproof cabinets, such as Aseco and Duperthal and it comes in two versions.

The first, H 402 is for high fireproof cabinets, the second the V 201 is for small fireproof cabinets. Both fire cabinet filtration systems employ Erlabs proven expertise in molecular filtration for organic vapours, acid vapours and for air-borne powders.

Being ductless there is no requirement for expensive lab modifications, just a simple and fast ‘pipe' adaptation to your cabinet with an extraction diameter of 75 - 80 - 100 mm. Each fire cabinet filtration system contains a sampling probe for filter saturation test, a fan failure alarm for the ventilation system and automatic filter saturation detection to ensure that your Chemtrap is always performing to the highest specification.

Plus, because Chemtrap works on the recycling of filtered air, it helps keep your general atmosphere pure - a boon for any laboratory.  

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Date added: 2015-05-25 11:53:58