Endoscope Cleaning with the GETINGE POKA-YOKE AER

The Getinge POKA-YOKE automated endoscope cleaner is a revolutionary new endoscope cleaning solution which is made for efficient high speed decontamination of flexible endoscopes which fits into those tight spaces.

Named for a Japanese word meaning “error-proof”, the POKA-YOKE is just that: an endoscope reprocessor designed from the ground up to prevent the errors which lead to infections from improperly decontaminated endoscopes.

There’s no room for human error when it comes to decontamination and this system has been made to eliminate the possibility of operator error – it’s a zero tolerance solution to endoscopy department cross contamination.

The all new design of the POKA-YOKE endoscope cleaning device allows the unit to fit in the often small spaces allotted to endoscopy departments – it’s a fully HTM2030, EN ISO 15883 and NHS C32 compliant decontamination unit with a small footprint. Fully automated single or dual-sided operation for clean and dirty endoscope segregation and incredibly fast operation – cycle times of 22 minutes make this the ideal AER for any endoscopy department in search of increased efficiency.

The POKA-YOKE is user friendly and error proof with integrated safety features including fail-safe loading and input tube auto-connection; the operator is not exposed to disinfectant. Operation is simple and hands free, with RFID scope and operator ID features for starting the auto-cycle.

Independent cycle monitoring and a one of a kind channel patency system offer three level traceability and a full patient-to-patient system can be implemented through a range of complimentary AER accessories.

There’s finally an endoscope cleaning product created with the needs of small clinics and endoscopy departments in mind: The Getinge POKA-YOKE AER, available from Lancer.

Date added: 2012-05-03 15:21:15