Electrophoresis Products From Cleaver Scientific

Cleaver Scientific manufactures a wide range of electrophoresis products, ranging in capacity and in size, but all providing optimal performance. Cleaver’s electrophoresis range includes a variety of models for different applications, including:

The MultiSUB 4

The MultiSUB 4 offers high throughput electrophoresis and performance in a compact unit. Gel trays are available in three sizes: 8x6, 8x12 and 8x18cm (width by length)Features include:

  • High Throughput Capacity: up to 1,200 samples can be separated in 15 minutes using the MultiSUB 4’s four vertically stacked gel trays.
  • Quick Loading: multichannel gel plate configurations and combs for rapid loading of DNA minipreps and PCR products with an 8-channel pipette.
  • Rapid Separation using a compact gel tank for a more intense electrical field.
  • 1.5mm Double Sided Combs for higher sample volumes

Cellulose Acetate Electrophoresis

Cleaver’s range of electrophoresis equipment includes clinical electrophoresis instruments. Celluose acetate electrophoresis systems are an important tool for clinical diagnostic applications and Cleaver Scientific provides complete clinical cellulose acetate electrophoresis solutions for clinical and research environments.

Designed for standard and wet electrophoresis, Cleaver’s cellulose acetate elecrophoresis products are suited to research applications as well as routine usage.  These compact, high quality and high resolution systems can accommodate cellulose acetate strips of sizes up to 24x20cm with its quick and easy adjustable support system.

A variety of cellulose acetate strips and wet gels are available for these systems. The gels are suitable for using these cellulose acetate electrophoresis equipment for applications which include serum proteins, urine proteins, hemoglobin, lipoproteins, glycoproteins and isoenzymes.

OmniPage Mini Wide

Cleaver’s omniPAGE mini wide vertical gel unit can accommodate twice as many samples as its cousin, the popular omniPAGE mini. There is a wide array of accessories available for the omniPAGE mini wide, allowing the unit to be used to perform a range of different functions.

Other features include:

  • Rapid set up cooling, gel casting and loading
  • The capacity of two mini gels in one single gel (20cm width)
  • Durable, 4mm thick glass plates
  • Soft silicone seals to make gel casting and loading glass plates trouble-free


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