Electrophoresis Power Supply Range From Cleaver Scientific

The instruments which make up Cleaver’s programmable electrophoresis power supply range offer ease of use and high performance with the versatility to handle applications including high current blotting and high voltage electrophoresis, among others. The line of programmable supply power supply products includes:


A completely programmable instrument, the omniPAC MAXI provides multiple operation modes, intuitive prompt-driven menus and graphical and text displays on a large 128x 64 dot matrix screen. The MAXI is available in a choice of three models with 500V to 2000V, 400mA to 2A and 200 maximum output capacities. All three models comply with all applicable safety standards to ensure the safety of both operator and instrument. In case of an overload, no load or ground leakage, an alarm will sound.

The omniPAC MAXI is ideally suited for running large submarine gels and multiple SDS gels as well as for blotting.

The system parameters of these electrophoresis power supply units may be programmed using the membrane keypad and start key. Once set, parameters are displayed in comparison to the run conditions; this display is accessible by pressing “select display”.

The omniPAC MAXI can be programmed to recall and run multi-step or constant electrophoresis in the following modes:

Constant operation on a timer: Consistent voltage, wattage or current can be programmed and a timer set to prevent over running gels.

Memory Mode: Up to 16 multi step programs can be entered, recalled and rerun as required.


The omniPAC MIDI are inexpensive, compact and programmable electrophoresis power supply instruments which provide high performance at a low cost. Designed for routine mini vertical and horizontal electrophoresis, the MIDI features microprocessor control and up to ten user-programmable recalls and can run in constant current and constant voltage modes.

The omniPAC MIDI can power four simultaneously connected gel chambers, with an optional timer set to end the run and alert the operator with an alarm. Shrouded sockets and plugs, ground leakage detection and no load detection provide safe operation for the operator and instruments.


Created especially for horizontal gel electrophoresis, the MINI are ultra compact electrophoresis power supply units with a small footprint. The omniPAC MINI has earned praise as one of the best low cost compact power supply products on the market today.

Safety features of the MINI include no load detection, a shrouded socket and shrouded plug. These dual outlet power supplies are designed with safety firmly in mind and built with an attention to quality construction – all in all, the best value around in the area of compact supplies.

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