Electronic Pipette Is So Intuitive

A pipette, for many life scientists, is not just a lab instrument; it is like an additional appendage. So, if you are going to spend half your working life attached to such a specialised piece of equipment, you need an electronic pipette that can fulfil all your ‘aspirations', and dispensing, requirements!

Anachem's Rainin new E4 XLS electronic pipette is just such an instrument. Ergonomically tailored to make pipetting effortless, alongside the expected superb design considerations that make routine usage so easy and reliable, are a range of invaluable, time-saving, advanced features.

The facility to program in a protocol for serial dilutions is a must for anybody involved with real-time PCR, ELISA or a whole raft of different cell assay methodologies. Similarly you can easily create your own pre-programmed protocol for any specific recurrent pipetting task you need to carry out.

If you need to pipette viscous liquids - always a difficult job - you will even find a special ‘reverse' feature to help you with this onerous task. And the great thing is that you do not need an advanced qualification in ‘electronic pipette use' to master the Rainin E4 XLS; operationally it is so straightforward that to call it ‘intuitive' is no exaggeration.

There is a ‘carousel' menu structure and a clever joystick controller, which means you can easily switch between functions, and the E4 XLS even has its own integrated help menu. It is not surprising that Anachem are calling this the App Master, and the upgrade facility (direct from your PC) means your Rainin E4 XLS electronic pipette will be mastering your applications for years to come.

Your hardest job is to decide whether the multi-channel, adjustable spacer (e.g. for moving between plates and tubes) or single channel versions is most suited to your needs. Whichever you choose, you can feel confident that the new Rainin E4 XLS, with its intuitive operation, will deliver - with accuracy and precision.

And if you happen to be a mad scientist movie villain with an interchangeable array of fearsome weapons for your artificial hand, it's even better news. With the incredibly versatile, multi-use, Rainin E4 XLS electronic pipettes think of all the time you will save on instrument attachment changes - unless James Bond happens to burst into the lab of course - laser function is not standard.

Date added: 2015-05-27 00:57:26