Electronic Multichannel Pipettes From Anachem

If you were of the opinion that a pipette is just a pipette, then be prepared to think again with the launch of Anachem’s latest range of Rainin Electronic E4 XLS+ Manual and Multichannel Pipettes.

To call the Ranin range the Rolls Royce of pipettes sounds rather trite but we are talking about superb design and performance here so perhaps a little hyperbole can be forgiven. The E4 XLS+ family takes pipetting to another level.

The pipettes themselves are 35% lighter than others currently available and advanced ergonomics produces a fit and balance that makes pipetting almost effortless, even after a busy day in the laboratory. A properly intuitive interface really does work like you think, not as you’re supposed to think! And with a large colour screen and carousel-like menu, switching functions has never been easier or faster either.

Pipetting is such an important skill and so crucial to good lab practise that it’s not worth making compromises. Multichannel pipetting, by decreasing repetition reduces the chance of RSI, some eight to twelve fold, but to really reduce the fatigue that can cause inconsistent action you need to be looking at an electronic multichannel.

The E4 XLS+ electronic multichannel uses a powerful stepper motor to give real reproducibility and hence promotes uniformity of use across even the largest laboratory. Accuracy, reliability and reduced risk of injury – that is an impressive package.

Anachem Ltd (a METTLER TOLEDO company) have over forty years of experience in technical innovation in the field of liquid handling equipment. With Ranin pipettes it feels like every one of those moments is being put to good use.

So why not call 01582 455 135 or email and ask for a demonstration. You may never be able to afford a Rolls Royce, but with a Anachem Ranin E4 XLS+ pipette you will be able to experience quality and craftsmanship which is every bit as impressive.

Date added: 2015-05-25 12:21:00