EDS Analysis Revolutionized With XFlash® Detectors

Bruker, a global leader in analytical Instrumentation, were at the forefront of the commercial application of Silicon Drift Detector (SDD) technology for X-ray detection when it was introduced some 15 years ago. SDDs with their high count rates, comparatively high energy resolution and vibration-free Peltier cooling, have helped create a mini-revolution in X-ray detection, particularly for Energy Dispersive Spectroscopy (EDS).

It is entirely appropriate then that with the release of the next generation of their SDD-based XFlash® detectors (XFlash® 6) the Bruker Nano division has shown its commitment to continual improvement and innovation in this field. The XFlash® 6 family of detectors redefines EDS for routine analysis and advanced experimentation for both scanning (SEM) and transmission electron microscopy (TEM) – with minimal interference in performance! Detector sizes range from 10 mm2 to an unsurpassed 100 mm2, energy resolutions down to 121 eV are achievable and with a 600 kcps output count rate, throughput is now even faster. There are six different models in the XFlash® 6 range to cover all EDS contingencies.

The XFlash® 6|10 and the 6|30 are ideal for most SEM applications (including low vacuum, low kV and high beam current), whereas the XFlash® 6|60 and the 6|100 are suited for beam-sensitive materials and nanostructural investigations (low beam current/low kV operation). The TEM detectors, the XFlash® 6T|30 and the XFlash® 6T|60, like the SEM detectors, feature a slim-line design that provides maximum collection efficiency with the largest possible solid angle per active area. They also optimise the ‘take-off’ angle, increasing the fraction of X-Rays hitting the detector, while minimising electromagnetic and mechanical interference.

It is not surprising that the President of the Bruker Nano Analytics Division, Thomas Schuelein, was so upbeat at the XFlash® 6’s launch at Analytica 2012. When used in tandem with their QUANTAX EDS system and formidable ESPRIT software suite, the new XFlash®6 SDD family really does set new standards in EDS analysis.

Date added: 2015-05-25 14:24:52