An Ebook Guide to Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis available from Meritics

Particle analysis is of great importance now in a number of industries, as well as public utilities. It can be used for monitoring drinking water and in oceanography, as well as for drug formulation, food and beverage quality control and related applications.

Meritics represent a number of the world's leading manufacturers of particle characterisation instrumentation in the UK, including Fluid Imaging Technologies, Inc. In 1999 Fluid Imaging Technologies developed the FlowCam®, an instrument that first combined the benefits of digital imaging, flow cytometry and microscopy.

The resulting technique, Dynamic Imaging Particle Analysis, is a valuable method for analysing particles and the company has now produced a highly detailed and informative guide to the approach.

The ebook also reviews the other analysis techniques available, looks at automation, and details some of the many applications of the field. This valuable guide is available to download now from this page. Just click on the icon to your right to get it now. 

Date added: 2016-08-26 13:42:22