FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 28 With Dynamic Image Analysis

Thanks to the new FRITSCH ANALYSETTE 28, rapid particle size measurement can now be combined with particle shape analysis – with no need for sieving – using Dynamic Image Analysis.

The ANALYSETTE 28 is equipped with an integrated, high-performance, 5 megapixel camera and telecentric lenses. For morphological analysis it uses a comprehensive shape library. Quick and easy to operate, and with the versatility to adapt to any application, it is an ideal instrument for quality control.

Two models are available: ImageSizer and ImageTec. Both benefit from SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) control and report generation. The ImageSizer, which is particularly suited to rapid analysis of particle size and shape in powders and bulk solids, offers a very broad range of measurement – between 20 µm and 20 mm. The ImageTec will do the same for particles in suspensions and emulsions, with a range from 1 µm to 2 mm.

The ImageSizer gives a choice of four easily interchangeable lenses, suited to different measuring ranges and tasks. The ImageTec has five lenses, on a unique lens revolver, which are selected via the input mask and then automatically adjusted.

In the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageSizer, the sample feed rate is automatically adjusted by AutoCheck, to match the type of material, and is saved in the SOP. The feeder chute can also be simply adjusted, using a dial, to achieve the required depth of field.

For optimal dispersion, the ANALYSETTE 28 ImageTec uses an illuminated ultrasonic bath whose ultrasonic intensity can be adjusted as necessary. A powerful, variable-speed centrifugal pump ensures that the sample or emulsion moves through the system optimally.

Evaluation of the results from both models, in real time, is made simple by the FRITSCH Cloud – an analytical image, in the form of a cloud, which gives at-a-glance information.

Date added: 2015-05-25 13:22:24