Dry Sieve Analysis Is Just The Start

The latest laboratory sieve shakers from FRITSCH provide an accurate and reproducible sieving analysis solution which not only meets, but exceeds user requirements in a variety of applications. User friendly and comfortable yet sacrificing nothing in the way of precision, the FRITSCH Analysette 3 Pro is a vibrational sieve shaker which offers advanced new features along with the highest quality sieve stack tensioning.

The FRITSCH Analysette 3 Pro integrates smoothly into virtually any type of quality control or management system and is fully DIN EN ISO 9001 compliant, making these laboratory sieve shakers ideal for QC purposes.  FRITSCH laboratory shakers are designed for wet or dry sieving (including micro-precision sieving) and compatible with sieves with diameters of up to 450 mm.

Along with FRITSCH's free AUTOSIEVE software for control and evaluation, the Analysette 3 Pro provides users with program selection and automatic amplitude control as well as high performance sieving which makes the Analysette suitable for particle measurement.  While sieving analysis was at one time not seen as a viable option for this type of measurement, increasing adaptability, ease of use and exceptionally high performance at a low cost; qualities which the FRITSCH range of Analysette laboratory sieve shakers are known for.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:21:07