Drug discovery Applications Optimised With Detection Cartridges

A multi-mode microplate detection platform is certainly a formidable addition to the tools available to the researcher for optimising drug discovery applications. Especially when it means that you can carry out GPCR, cytokine and kinase assays as well as cAMP quantification with just one of a whole range of different interchangeable detection cartridges.

This is what you get though when you use the SpectraMax® Paradigm® from Molecular Devices in conjunction with the AlphaScreen® Detection Cartridge. The SpectraMax® Paradigm® provides true modularity and a range of effective answers to all your different drug discovery detection needs, all using the same compact, upgradeable, station, which can be reconfigured to obtain different data sets in less than two minutes. 

The functionality of the SpectraMax® Paradigm® is particularly evident when it is used in conjunction with the AlphaScreen® Detection Cartridge. The ALPHA in AlphaScreen® is actually an acronym, standing for Amplified Luminescent Proximity Homogeneous Assay.

This is a non-radioactive proximity assay technique that uses microbeads to screen in a microplate format a wide range of biological processes important in drug discovery and development. Two bead types are involved - a donor and acceptor bead - and because binding of biomolecules ultimately results in a luminescent signal via a cascade reaction, Alpha screening is characterised by high sensitivity (femtomol concentrations), low background (eliminates autofluorescence), high signal-to-background ratios (S:B ratios of several hundreds), true miniaturisation (5 µL or less) and cost effectiveness through reagent ‘stretching'.

Also Alphascreen, along with the closely allied technique of AlphaLISA, permits great variation in your drug discovery assay design: receptor-ligand interaction, enzyme activity, second messenger level, low affinity interaction and functional GPCR studies are all possible. Plus a wide size range of molecules can be studied: nucleic acids, peptides and proteins, sugars and more complex carbohydrates.  

However, within two minutes you can change the cartridge in your SpectraMax® Paradigm® to be using any one of the other impressive detection systems being offered in this incredibly versatile, modular, version of this most vital of drug discovery and life science research tools.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:59:35