Dissolution Testing Imager From Paraytec Gets Drugs To Market Faster

Paraytec specializes in the design and production of UV-vis absorbance measurement solutions including the very popular range of ActiPix instruments. The ActiPix SDI300 Surface Dissolution testing Imager features the company's famed ActiPix technology and includes a 9 mm x 7 mm UV imaging sensor with as many as 1.3 million 7 um pixels for the recording and analysis of a wide range of different complex processes.

The wavelength used by the instrument may be user-selected in order to offer the highest sensitivity monitoring of the substance or process to be analyzed. The ActiPix SDI300 is the first SD imager on the market which provides this kind of accurate mechanistic and quantitative data for a range of different dissolution testing applications.

This is an instrument which offers an breathtaking amount of versatility which is ideal for many different types of accelerated development of formulations and pre-formulations alike.  The ActiPix SDI300 can gather intrinsic dissolution rates of the subject being studied in under twenty minutes, performance which is well above and beyond that conventional dissolution measurement systems can offer.

This instrument is useful for imaging the release of active ingredients from pharmaceuticals and is capable of handling liquids, gels and powders with aplomb. The ActiPix SDI300 dissolution testing imager is also useful for applications including gathering fundamental data on amorphous to crystal transformations, diffusion through membranes and many others. The instrument can also be used to simulate physiological environments by being placed in a temperature controlled environment.

It's a versatile instrument which offers significantly faster performance than other devices, providing accurate data in a fraction of the time. With Paraytec's unique ActiPix technology and an innovative design which allows for a wide range of uses, the ActiPix SDI 300 Surface Dissolution testing Imager is the only dissolution imaging solution the modern pharmaceutical or life sciences laboratory could ever need, with the features and flexibility researchers want.

Date added: 2012-05-03 17:45:09