Digital pH Meter With An Integrated Electrode Test

Thanks to the invasive power of advertising I (indelibly) know that there are seven signs of ageing and three signs of problem hair. Thankfully I can now add something much more useful to that list: the seven good reasons for purchasing the SevenMultiTM from Mettler Toledo. To call the SevenMultiTM a pH meter is a bit like calling a Ferrari a car - yes it is, technically, but it's also a whole lot more.

The same goes for the SevenMultiTM, yes it is a digital pH meter with an integrated Electrode Test, but it's also the instrument of choice for a wide range of accurate solution measurements including conductivity, ISFET and ions. Plus, the dual-channel design means the SevenMultiTM will sup­port the simulta­neously measurement of two elec­trochemical parameters. With a comprehensive range of peripheral options including printers, barcode readers, sample changers and software for automated data collection the SevenMultiTM also has the capability to integrate effortlessly into your laboratory information management systems.

The modular design gives flexibility and the in built integrated electrode test is always at hand to verify the offset, slope, drift and response time without altering you current calibration. So if you want those full seven reasons, just consider: ease of use, fast result evaluation, easy-to-read display screen, high measurement accuracy, comprehensive range of accessories, automation expansion capability, complementary qualification and maintenance services.

Mettler Toledo may not be able to help combat the seven signs of ageing, but hopefully they will do their little bit to help you sleep better at night. The SevenMultiTM, not just a digital pH meter.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:50:56