Digital Histology Expertise With The Nikon Mi Macro Imaging Station

The Nikon Mi macro imaging station represents nothing less than a revolution in gross digital histology documentation. This new system offers solutions which allow users to measure, compare and annotate biopsied specimens in the histology, forensics or pathology laboratory safely and cleanly. This user friendly imaging system is contamination free and may be operated easily with a foot pedal or touch screen interface.  

The Mi produces images which may be used in audit trails, case records, saved in laboratory information systems and annotated for use in other applications including telepathology applications.  The Nikon Mi was designed to provide flexibility and can be easily integrated into a wide variety of workspaces to streamline workload in the pathology laboratory. A high performance DS-Fi1 digital camera with motorized lens control is at the core of this imaging station; the camera can produce either standard images or images for publication as needed.

The Mi's features include overhead LED illumination to provide all of the light needed for sharp, detailed images without emitting heat which can damage delicate specimens. This imaging station is tailor made for multi-user laboratories which include both experienced microscope users and those with lower skill levels. The Mi's graphical user interface and ease of use make it an intuitive, easy to use imaging solution for the laboratory, regardless of whether users know their way around digital imaging systems.

Since the camera itself is motorized, there is no need to touch the camera during use; all operations may be performed via the Mi's touch screen, foot pedal, keyboard, mouse or barcode reader. All workstation surfaces (including the mouse, keyboard and touch screen PC, if using) may be wiped clean in between uses.

Nikon NIS-Elements software and Mi software designed for the pathology lab is provided to offer a complete digital pathology imaging solution. Functions easily accessible through the Mi's intuitive interface include image capture and annotation, live comparison, measurement and counting as well as database capabilities to help users get the most out of their images.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:15:12