Digital Conductivity Meter Is Simple And Precise

We all want our laboratory equipment to be accurate and straightforward to use, and that's exactly what Mettler Toledo delivers with the SevenCompact S230 digital conductivity meter. 

Simplicity needn't mean lack of features - the S230 is a surprisingly versatile instrument that can easily measure resistivity, salinity, total dissolved solids and conductivity ash.  Combining intelligent product design with precise measurement technologies, this product is cleverly designed to maximise your productivity.

The S230 features a 4.3-inch, high-resolution colour display with large digits and icons.  A simple, multi-language menu interface means operation of this digital conductivity meter is straightforward and intuitive.  With a single keystroke, you can start calibration or measurement, or toggle between the various measurement modes.  You can also quickly and easily change between the default full-information screen display, and the uFocusTM layout which presents only the most important information.

Swift vertical movement of the electrode by uPlaceTM technology allows faster measurements to be taken, while reducing the risk of sample vessels being knocked over or other damage to the sensor.  RS232 and USB interfaces also allow the connection of other Mettler Toledo peripherals, greatly expanding the capabilities of the instrument to offer further flexibility and efficiency.

Offering a combination of versatility and intuitive use, the Mettler Toledo SevenCompact S230 represents a smart choice of digital conductivity meter for modern laboratory environments.

Date added: 2015-05-24 12:08:19