Detector Lamp Range From Labhut

Labhut is a distributor and supplier of a large variety of scientific and laboratory equipment, including a full detector lamp range. The company provides lamps for more than 700 different models of detectors, with Deuterium, Tungsten, Mercury and Xenon lamps all available.

Labhut offers replacement lamps from all of the leading suppliers; including Ushio, Heraeus, Hamamatsu, Catheodon, IST and many others.  The company provides information on lamp replacement for users who need a little help – the company provides full support for its replacement lamp range and guarantees all of these products to last for at least 1,000 hours of use in the first six months following the date of purchase (2,000 hours in the first year following the date of purchase for long life detector lamp replacements).

The company provides lamps for detectors from virtually every manufacturer – whether you’re looking for a replacement Deuterium, Mercury, Xenon or Tungsten lamp for detectors made by Micromeritics, Cecil Instruments, Waters or any of the other top manufacturers, Labhut has the reliable replacement detector lamp you’re looking for.

Date added: 2012-05-03 16:53:52