Density Measurement Of Solids And Powders

Thermo Fisher Scientific's Pycnomatic ATC (Automatic Temperature Control) from Meritics is a fast, accurate and reliable instrument for density measurement of solid materials and powders. Using a gas displacement technique for density analysis, this precise and compact product has potential applications in a variety of fields including metallurgy, pharmaceuticals and building materials development, mineralogy, geology and ceramics, as well as industries involving plastics and polymers.

Using mainly helium as a test gas, the Pycnomatic ATC's technology takes advantage of the element's very small atomic size to permeate even the smallest pores in the sample solid, thus allowing measurement of the real volume that is occupied by the sample.

By calculating the ratio of the dried sample weight, and the volume as measured by the Pycnomatic, the instrument delivers an accurate real density measurement of the sample material. Although helium is used for its high thermal conductivity and ideal behaviour at near room temperature, other inert gases such as nitrogen may also be used where helium is not recommended (for example with activated carbons).

The Pycnomatic ATC represents innovation in the field of density measurement - it is the first multi-volume gas pycnometer to feature fully integrated automatic temperature control. In static volumetric systems such as gas pycnometers, maintaining a constant temperature is vital to achieving accurate results - particularly when the sample volume is small.

By using Thermo Scientific's unique and pioneering Automatic Temperature Control system - based around an inbuilt Peltier device - the device measurably decreases the length of time required for the sample to achieve thermal stability. This makes it possible to provide highly precise measurements in a matter of minutes.

Featuring fast system stabilisation, reduced analysis time and unrivalled reproducibility of density results, the Thermo Scientific Pycnomatic ATC represents an excellent choice for accurate density measurement in any laboratory environment.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:56:50