Cutter Grinder for Soft to Medium-Hard Samples

For music lovers of a certain age ‘Echo and the Bunnymen’ remain one of the most iconic of ‘indi’ bands and ‘Spare us the Cutter’ their most enigmatic and haunting songs. I could not help but hum it to myself whilest looking at the Pulverisette 19 Cutter Grinder from Fritsh.

There is nothing retro or old fashioned though about this addition to the Fritsch Range of laboratory grinding and cutting mills. The incredibly versatile Pulverisette 19 complements Fritsh’s Pulverisette 25 and 15 lab mills, to bring you fast, safe and simple cutting and grinding for a complete range of soft, medium hard, brittle, tough and fibrous materials.

The Pulverisette 19 includes the features that have made the Fritsch range so competitive: remarkably easy cleaning with exceptional access to the top part of the housing; in fact the door can be completely removed so you can really see what you are doing. The rotor of the cutting mill can then be easily removed  – without tools! – decreasing cleaning time and increasing productivity.

The Pulverisette 19 also features the patented Fritsch cyclone separator a unique combination of cutting mill and sample exhauster; unique chamber geometry with minimal dead space for faster more accurate operation and, another patent, a practical sieve cassette that automatically ensures the optimal distance to the rotor.    

Typical applications of the Pulverisette 19 lab mill include Rubber, leather, paper, cardboard, tissue, plastics (in pieces, profiles, tulic strips), wood, non metallic waste, coal, animal feed and pellets, maize, grain, confectionery, malt, farinaceous products, spices, meat (dried), horn, bones, dragees, leaves (dry), fibres, straw, peat, roots, tobacco and cork. 

You name it, the Pulverisette 19 is there for you: the perfect cutter grinder for you to comminute soft to medium-hard samples to a final minimum powder ‘fineness’ of between 0.25 and 6 mm.   

This is a valuable addition to the Fritsch range of laboratory mills now suitable for an even wider number of fields of application including plastics and textiles, agriculture and forestry, environmental science, ROHS, analytic chemistry, construction and material science, organic chemistry and food science.

Fast, efficient and simple indeed – the Pulverisette 19 ,  perfect any time you need to ‘take a powder’ as they used to say in my favourite ‘Film Noirs’ – so not so much ‘Spare us the Cutter’ – but please: bring it on.

Date added: 2015-05-25 11:36:42