Culture Agar From Oxoid

Oxoid specializes in culture agar and other solutions for microbiological applications in the laboratory. The range of agar media products from Oxoid includes the following products.

Oxoid Perfringens Agar Base (TSC, SFP)

Perfringens agar base is a medium which may be used by itself or in combination with selective agents to produce Tryptose Suplhite (TS) or Tryptose Suplhite Cycloserine (TSC) or Shahadi Ferguson Perfringens Agar (SFP) agar. This agar is designed for presumptive identification of Clostridium perfringens and for C. perfringens enumeration.

The formula may be customized to meet specific needs. The basic formula is pH 7.6 ± 0.2 @ 25°C and contains the following:

  • 15 gm/L tryptose
  • 5 gm/L soya peptone
  • 5 gm/liter yeast extract
  • 1 gm/L sodium metabisulphite
  • 1 gm Ferric ammonium citrate
  • 19 gm/L agar


Oxoid Technical Culture Agar

This agar is a technical grade product with a working gel strength of 1.2% w/v and is designed for applications where a high mineral content is advantageous for a particular culture or where compatibility and clarity are not high priorities.

Oxoid Purified culture Agar

The agar has been processed to produce a low electroendosmosis factor which allows it to be used in electrophosphoresis applications while avoiding the high cost of agarose preparations. This product can also be used as a medium for bacteriological culture in applications where its properties are desirable. This agar performs best in immune-electrophosphoresis and gel diffusion applications.

Oxoid Brilliance E. coli Selective Culture Agar

This chromogenic medium is designed to improve confirmation of the presence of E. coli directly on the culture plate. Ideal for detecting and enumerating E. coli (and other coliform bacteria) in samples of water and food.  E. coli is easily distinguished by its purple color, with other coliforms showing up in pink. The presence of E. coli can be confirmed by flooding the culture plate with Kovacs solution, turning the colonies a bright red color.

Oxoid Bacteriological Agar

This is a bacteriological agar which has a high working gel strength (1.5% w/v) and low levels of Calcium and Magnesium, making it compatible with a wide range of culture media. This culture agar is designed for antimicrobial MIC studies where mineral content is crucially important.

Oxoid Salmonella Shigella Agar

This is an improved agar formulation which provides for better growth of S. shigella and offers better colony characteristics for this bacteria.  
The formula may be customized to meet specific needs. The basic formula is pH 7.3 ± 0.2 @ 25°C and contains the following:
  • 5 gm/L lab-lemco powder
  • 5 gm/L peptone
  • 10 gm/L lactose
  • 5.5 gm/L bile salts
  • 10 gm/L sodium citrate
  • 8.5  gm/L sodium thiosulphate
  • 1 gm/L ferric citrate
  • .00033 brilliant green
  • .025 neutral red
  • 12 gm/L agar


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